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TeacherLock is the best choice for compliance

Many states across the country are addressing the need for an effective emergency door lock in classrooms.  Locking arrangements should not impair life safety and TeacherLock fills the void for inspectors who realize that our device is intended only for use in an active shooter emergency.  Our device can be opened from the outside by emergency personnel, yet is easy and intuitive for egress.  It is locked much more quickly than a keyed cylinder device from the inside.  Our device is also mounted at ADA height, and, we're "bullyproof!"  Only TeacherLock can make these claims.  

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Across the nation, States are accommodating the need for safety and security in an active shooter emergency.   Many States specifically allow for a separate mechanical operation to unlatch a fire door. But, the lock must be capable of being opened from the  outside, and it should easily be opened from the inside without pinching, grasping, turning, or special knowledge. 

Reports and Advisories

ParkLand Commission Report

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland Florida

" Teachers were reluctant to enter the halls to lock the doors. The lack of an established policy on the locking and/or staffing of doors and gates on campus is a security failure. "

Final Report from the Federal Commission on School Safety 2018

Final report of the Federal Commission on School Safety

"Regardless of the type of door used, all classrooms should have locks that allow the teacher to lock the classroom door from the inside."

Final Report of Sandy Hook Advisory Commission

Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown Connecticut

"The SSIC Report includes a standard requiring classroom and other safe-haven areas to have doors that can be locked from the inside. The Commission cannot emphasize enough the importance of this recommendation."

Virginia Tech Commission Addendum

Virginia Tech report of the review panel on Mass Shootings and Active Shooter Emergencies

"Some universities

have locks on classroom doors, but they typically operate by key from the hallway. They are intended to keep students and strangers out when they are not in use and often cannot be locked from the inside."

Columbine Report

Columbine High School Report on Lockdown and School Violence

"SWAT Teams sometimes found it difficult to enter locked classrooms and and were forced to blast the locks on the doors. The Library and Cafeteria could not be locked and that is where several students were killed and wounded." 

TeacherLock is the best Fire-Safe Choice: UL10C Tested. UL10C PASSED.

The absence of TeacherLock on a classroom door actually CREATES a more dangerous environment.

Here's how: 

1. Due to the recent active shooter incidents in the news, schools are doing anything possible to secure doors.  It's a problem that never existed before.  

2. Schools are presently installing non-compliant barricades which cannot be opened from the outside.  

3. Schools don't have the funds available to replace lock sets with expensive solutions from door hardware companies.  Accordingly, they are compelled to find less desirable solutions to locking the door. 

4. Teachers are locking the classroom doors every day, all day long.  This makes fire rescue more difficult in an emergency. 

5. Schools are presently defeating the latching mechanism on fire doors with magnets and duct tape, creating the ability for fire to spread more rapidly.  

TeacherLock was designed from the ground up to solve for these issues!   

TeacherLock is the #1 choice among fire marshals

TeacherLock is the #1 choice among fire marshals

Protects from Threats both Inside and Outside the Door

Conceived by Educators, Designed by Engineers

Designed with Teachers in mind, TeacherLock is better than a barricade.

Invented by an Elementary School Principal and designed by Engineers.

"I was concerned by the number of products that flooded the market after the recent tragic news of school shootings. I quickly realized that many barricade-style door locks, and door bars may be unsafe and give a false sense of security, especially when they are so complex to use and don't follow building and safety regulations."  - Amy Emma, Elementary School Principal, Inventor of TeacherLock.   

Who is better equipped to express the need to protect our students? The idea for TeacherLock was conceived by an Elementary School Principal who saw that there were a large number of unsafe and non-compliant barricade locks flooding the market in the wake of recent school shootings.  

There is one very important defensive lesson learned about these tragic events:  Students and Teachers are safer when there is a fast and effective barricade device available when needed.   

Police to Teacherlock: All we need is 4 minutes.

TeacherLock, when seconds count, lockdown is fast and easy.

Time and time again, law enforcement officers praise us for doing one simple thing: we can buy some time.  All the police need is 4-6 minutes.  We do our job, so they can do their jobs.   But, in order for the lock to work it has to be easy to use and fast to deploy under stress.  Law enforcement officers and emergency personnel train and drill constantly to overcome the adrenaline induced by a stressful situation.  It is impossible for an untrained person to overcome the loss of fine motor skills and clear thought necessary to find keys,  deploy a complex lock, and to call emergency personnel while protecting the students in a classroom.  This is why TeacherLock is different.  The school security barricade device is always at the ready, but out of reach of smaller children.  It is simple to deploy with one motion in two seconds.  It also lets the teacher keep her head up  to look out of the classroom door during deployment, with only one hand to deploy so that the other is free for a cell phone. Many of our competitor's products are installed on the floor, making a weaker barricade, and requiring the user get onto his/her knees, use two hands to install, and run through a series of complex deployment steps. TeacherLock solves this problem and is especially simple under stress. l

Code Interpretations for Building and Fire Inspectors

TeacherLock is the #1 classroom door lock chosen by law enforcement.

Please download our position statement for code interpretations. 

In the context of installing door barricade devices on existing classroom doors, pending changes in Chapter 15 Existing Educational Occupancies of the 2018 edition of NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, recognize that use of such devices needs to be addressed separately (and differently) from new doors. Specifically, item 3 under Section, Classroom Door Locking to Prevent Unwanted Entry, permits two distinctly separate releasing operations from the egress‐ side (the classroom side) of the door, provided that no keys, tools, or special knowledge or effort is needed to open the door. The TeacherLock® door‐mounted lockdown device requires no additional effort,  motion, or knowledge and the unlatch is accomplished by gently bumping a lever which is in-line with the door handle for egress, requiring no special keys, tools, or special knowledge. TeacherLock® has been tested with uninformed elementary school children and they understand how to unlock the door. 

*Interpretation of building and fire  code varies widely and is subject to the Authority Having Jurisdiction

TeacherLock's Single-Motion Egress

TeacherLock can be configured for  a single-operation to unlatch/unlock during a lockdown event.   When the room is unoccupied, the door will use the approved hardware necessary for latching during a fire emergency.  For fire safety, TeacherLock recommends that all doors are latched and closed when the room is unoccupied  

Compliance Notes Downloads

TeacherLock is not a "manually operated bolt for use on the inactive leaf of dual doors."  TeacherLock is a security device not used in normal door operations and is inert on the door.  Like other devices used for security purposes only, it may be mounted at any height on the door.  For compliance, users should display a sign which indicates that the door is to remained unlocked during occupancy.  TeacherLock is simply a faster way to barricade and lock a door during an active shooter emergency.