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Protecting Students One Door at a Time

TeacherLock Partner Programs


Referral Partner

We have several partner programs available.   Our Referral Partners are influencers who can provide solid leads with a high level of probability for success.   Referral Partners bring the lead to TeacherLock and we do the rest.  

Authorized Reseller Partner

Our Reseller Partners manage the relationship with the customer to provide local service and possibly complimentary products.   Security providers, installers, and locksmiths are good examples of reseller partners. 

Authorized Dealer Partner

Dealers purchase our product for stock and have resources available for installation and support of the customer.   Dealers manage the relationship with the customer and have a minimum annual purchase commitment, but also our biggest discount.     

TeacherLock Partner Program Info

Please contact us for Details of our TeacherLock Partner Programs

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