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Protecting Students One Door at a Time

TeacherLock installation instructions

This video shows how to install Teacherlock and the new universal strike block. 

Video instructions - switching left/right orientation

TeacherLock classroom emergency door lock can be used on right-hand and left-hand door swings.

Single EFFORT egress

 TeacherLock's design allows the opening of a classroom door in a single effort with a closed fist (ADA test). TeacherLock is conspicuously located making it obvious for anyone to open.  Three motions are necessary to open any door. 1) Approach the door lever 2) Move the door lever 3) Push the door open.  During the approach to the door, the TeacherLock lever is bumped and automatically unlocked. Egress is safe and obvious.  


Prompted by several tragic school shootings, our talented engineers partnered with a very passionate Elementary School Principal who had a great idea to develop a new "instant door lock down device" to protect students.  There have been many door barricades that have popped up recently, but nearly all the products in the market are potentially ineffective and unsafe.  We have found that more than a few schools have started installing  these  devices as a knee jerk reaction and most of them clearly violates building codes, fire codes and the ADA.   To be safe and effective, the door lock must:  

Be fast and easy to use.  

Comply with the International Fire Safety Code 

Comply with the International Building Code

Comply with the NFSA101 provisions on Safety 

Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, can be mounted at compliant height and is egress operable without twisting or firm grip. 

Provide an intuitive and fast single motion to secure the door under stress (when seconds count and fine motor skills are erased by adrenaline.) 

Allows the teacher to keep her eyes on the action, without kneeling to install floor-mounted devices.  

Provides a stronger bolting mechanism which is mounted higher than the floor, yet out of reach from broken glass window.  

Allow an intuitive single motion egress without hard grasping or twisting.  

Can be opened from the outside for emergency access. 

Is easy to install with a power drill and simple tools.     

In all recent school shootings, there is one common theme, students in locked rooms are safer.   This is truly a ground breaking device and there is nothing like it in the market. We have taken into account that the teacher may need to barricade the door under extreme stress when even simple motions and mechanical ability are impossible.  Our device is one simple motion in less than two seconds.  There are many classrooms and public facility doors that don’t lock easily or the unlocking handle is within reach through a broken window. This product is installed easily and does not replace the existing lock set.  In a surprising number of schools, teachers must currently find their door key, open it, lock it from the outside, then close the door!  This is impossible if an active shooter is in the school and seconds count. We intend to fix it and keep the students safe! 

TeacherLock Key Sales Policy (pdf)


Product Data Sheet V6.5.4 -9-18-2018 (pdf)


Ambidextrous Design

A short video to demonstrate how to switch a TeacherLock from left to right orientation.