Rated #1 Lockdown Device by Emergency Response Personnel


Protecting Students One Door at a Time


The ONLY school emergency door lock which complies with International Building Code, ADA, and NFPA Life Safety Guidelines. We are the #1 rated lockdown device.  

TeacherLock vs Intruder-style lockset

Intruder style locksets are touted by door companies as the only safe choice for classroom lockdown. We show that there is a stark difference in speed between a standard lockset and TeacherLock. When precious seconds count in an active shooter emergency, TeacherLock is fast to lock, fast to unlock, and affordable. 

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How does your teacher lock a classroom door? 

Teacherlock Vs. Standard Classroom Door

Most classroom doors require a teacher to step into the hall to lock the door.  Teacherlock is the ONLY fire, building, and ADA compliant door lock designed with teachers in mind. Interpretation of the various codes varies widely and is subject to the Authority Having Jurisdiction

Comparative Speed Test VIDEO

TeacherLock conducted speed testing and the results were amazing! Watch this video.


3 Easy Decisions for Administrators

1. Extremely Cost Effective

TeacherLock Classroom Door Lockdown Device is  Cost Effective

School budgets are tight. Our device is a fraction of the cost of a new door lockset, is easy and fast to install.  Discounts for quantities starting at 50 doors and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

2. The ONLY Device which Protects Students from Threats Inside and Outside the Classroom


Our lockdown device is quickly deployed in an emergency with a single motion.  Egress is easy and intuitive with a push button and we are Fire, Building, and ADA compliant.  Our proprietary door lock activator puts control of the lock in the teacher's hands.  Interpretation of building and fire  code varies widely and is subject to the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

3. Easy to Install and Easy to use.

TeacherLock Classroom Door Lockdown Device is Easy to Install

We provide simple instructions and our device is easy to install with simple tools and a cordless drill. 

One motion deploys the bolt and locks the door.