Protecting Students One Door at a Time

TeacherLock is Ideally suited to Healthcare Institutions


Control of the Door

Only authorized staff who carry the TeacherLock Activator can lock a door.  Patients cannot lock themselves in a room. 

Fast Lockdown !

Our proprietary activator is worn on the lanyard and will lock a door in 3 seconds or less - even under extreme stress! 

Can be Opened by Emergency Response Personnel

Our device can be opened from the outside by emergency response personnel with a special key. 

Works on in-swing, out-swing, left or right hand doors.

Our patent pending design will work on a variety of door and door frame combinations.  Virtually any door can be secured with TeacherLock! 

Affordable and Easy to Install

TeacherLock is a fraction of the cost of competing door hardware and installs in less than six minutes.